Monday, June 1, 2009

We Made it Home!

We left Thursday night for Bemidji. Friday we went to track and field and brought home some ribbons. We got to meet up with a bunch of friends and say lots of, "HI"s to people.

We were of a little help at my parents' house Saturday--moving chickens, walking the fence line for the horse pasture, washing dishes, using electricity and water, and messing up the house. :)

Sunday we got to visit at church, and Tracy got to go out with some friends. We ended up staying a day later than I had "planned" so I got to try out my mom's new washer and dryer. NICE, NICE, NICE!!! :)

We made it home this afternoon, unpacked, rested, ate supper, and then remembered our summer pool pass started today. So...we loaded up and headed to the pool for a fun hour.

Now I'm trying to catch upon e-mails and blogs, and Mike is working on a puzzle. Good night.

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