Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crazy with Laughter

Yesterday I took the two little girls and we headed to Roseau. We met a friend from Stephen who gave us some strawberry plants. We headed back to Warroad, dropped off the recycle, got some gas, and took off to a friend's farm for some manure. As I was dragging my pail, walking across, I stepped in a squishy place, sunk, stepped out, and lost my mud boot! I was in a fit of laughter because it was so gross. :) Miriam helped me (thanks again, Miriam,) and we got three big things full. Then the hard part was dragging them back across to the van. Shovelful by shovelful, manure in itself is light, but when the pail is full, it's quite heavy. We had to scoop some out so we could drag them and lift them. When I got home, Tracy helped me get them out of the van, and I dumped them into the garden area. Mike thought I should till it in so I did that. You know, the worst part about going is the fact that Mike wouldn't let me climb into bed until I had taken a shower. I couldn't believe he had that "problem." I had just taken a shower yesterday morning. :)

Today is Mike's birthday. Tracy is making him a pan of oatmeal bars for his cake. We're going to have sloppy joes and tacos for his two birthday meals. I have no idea what he had for breakfast, but it was probably a Special K bar.


The Krahns said...

A shower? No way, it's just a little manure! Happy Birthday!

All in a Day said...