Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy Days Once Again

Last night Tracy peeled 10# of potatoes for me plus three yams. I worked on making some meals for a couple families and will hopefully deliver them today. I also have our meal almost ready to go but forgot to buy the dry onion soup mix. I will have to check out the Allrecipes site as I am sure there is a homemade one.

We had Awana awards last night, we went to the park, we watched a couple cows and calves be moved, I did some shopping, I took Laura, David, and the dog for a ride, and we bagged up lots of clothes we were given and will not use to "pass along."

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Tractor Ride

The kids got to go for a tractor ride today, thanks to our friend Mark.

Emily's New Smile

I splurged and bought a Happy Meal from McDonald's when we were on a road trip. Emily claimed the smile. :)


David pushes the chairs around the house where he wants them and then does climbing tricks. Here he is up on the computer desk trying to get the "hello." He sure does love phones.

We were having a try-on party of dresses for Laura, and she decided David needed to try on a dress also. Poor messy-faced boy!!!

Laura is Swinging

Laura learned to pump on the swing the other day.