Thursday, September 24, 2009

On Vacation

I'm closing down shop for a while until some of this chaos of life slows...

Friday, September 18, 2009


We're heading to Jackpine for the weekend. We still have to pack, etc. It has been one WILD week. I put schoolwork on the back burner for now. I think I have driven so many miles that I might be in competition with my midwife. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I had a prenatal appointment today. Everything still looks good. I measured 37 cm, and Baby's heartbeat was in the 140's again. I suppose we should start looking into some names. :)

The soccer games went well in Karlstad today. Other than that, it was a busy day of running around for me.

I'm planning to hit Bemidji tomorrow again. We'll do the same route as last week since Tracy's going to get her cavities filled. I do have to head to Baudette in the morning for Laura and then take her to Warroad early Thursday morning. Something is always going on! :)

I wonder how much of a notice we should give Grandma this time, if any. Maybe she's reading the blog and will know right now. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


This morning Tracy went to the Bible Bee in Roseau where she will be saying verses and doing a test on Bible memory.

Aaron and Mike went to Streiff's Sporting Goods for the Kids Outdoors day.

The other children and I stayed home to hold down the fort, not that it was going anywhere, but just because... :) I sent them outside at lunch time with a sandwich, chips, apples, and juice. They've been playing well all day, and I just got up from an hour's nap. I think I could still use a couple more hours of sleep; it probably won't happen though.

Yesterday the kids did well with their soccer games. The younger team tied and the older team won. Aaron got a goal in both games which was exciting.

On the way home our van decided to die in Thief River Falls so there it sits. Some friends gave us a ride home, and a wonderful man is working on it on his day off for us. If Mike's up to it, we'll be able to go get it tonight.

I'm not sure what we have planned for tomorrow other than church, but it's going to be a beautiful day (which is too hot for me.)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I actually got three letters sent out to grandparents this week and visited a fourth so need to take care of the 5th. :)

Yesterday we made a trip to TRF for a dentist appointment; se have to go back for two fillings. :( We circled home through Bemidji instead of back through Roseau. I thought if they have an opening for next Wednesday we could try again and get those fillings taken care of. LOL

The kids enjoyed the Kids Club last night again, and Laura has been coloring in her notebook a lot of the morning and afternoon. She's such a menace with any art supply. Even though I try to be right there with her, I still get sidetracked so she ends up coloring and cutting things she shouldn't. It hasn't been as bad since I moved things up out of her reach, but now I notice Emily and Melissa don't use them as often as they used to. Tit for tat...

Today we have soccer practice and a game tomorrow. I'm hoping to be able to stop at the mill and get some flour and oatmeal on our way tomorrow.

Other than that, I've just been trying to stay cool. It hit 89 at our house a bit ago but is back down to 88.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cinnamon-less Rolls

Ha ha ha...With all the "help" Laura was giving me at 5 this morning, I forgot to put the cinnamon in the rolls as I was rolling them up! They still tasted good but definitely lacked the flavor we are so used to. And...My experiment of putting them on two pans instead of one didn't work either. They were flat instead of fluffy. Oh well, nobody starved; they're all gone. :)

Cinnamon Rolls

I have some cinnamon rolls rising in the oven. I try to make them each Sunday morning for breakfast but never seem to make enough. Today I put them out on two pans so they'd spread more; hopefully filling Aaron's belly. :) I don't have any brown sugar so made them a little differently today; we'll see how well they go over.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Soccer season has started for us, and around here that means we live soccer, breathe soccer, and talk about soccer. If as much practice was done as everything else about soccer, my kids would be excellent players. :) We have practices two to three times a week depending on the child, and starting next week the games begin. Frequently that means Friday's will be busy also on top of the Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

School has been going fairly well. I've kept things light on the schedule for soccer season and basically for the rest of the year, and we'll slap everything else on in January after we try to establish some sort of routine with a new baby in the house. I have been working on getting Melissa up a little earlier than the rest to read to her, and most days that goes well. She's much more willing than I am to get up that early. I think she likes the one-on-one time with Mommy as well. After we are done reading, she usually watches Aaron play the computer since he has free computer time from 7 to 8 A.M.

A couple Saturday's ago, we were invited to a birthday party for a friend. They had found pizzas very cheap at the grocery store (I missed out on that one) so served a pizza cake, which was a bunch of pizzas stacked on top of each other. It was such a good idea. They held them together by using a paper towel holder. They also had a cake in the shape of a soccer ball, which was a big hit, along with the punch balloons that were passed out as party favors. We found out that punch balloons and grass don't go together very well. :( Anyway, Jason had picked out a Foosball game for the boy which was the favored gift. It gets hard to buy for kids when they get that age so he had received a lot of money in cards. He also got a Dairy Queen gift card which I would have gladly confiscated. :)

The last Tuesday of August was a wild, busy day. I didn't even attempt to do schoolwork with Jason and Emily. Our van had an appointment to get a belt fixed so I got up with Mike at 4:30 so I could have the car for the day. Jason had an orthodontist appointment in Roseau so we went there and also did some shoe shopping for Aaron and some grocery shopping. On our way home we picked up a friend for the boys to play with, but all they did was sit around so I didn't think it was worth the trip... He and my two older children had soccer practice that evening.

Thursday of last week I took the three younger girls to an outdoors event for families with kids ages five and under. They had fun preschool activities such as bouncing balls off of a parachute, bubble blowing, mini golf, chalk drawing, water play, and ball playing. I had to laugh at Emily because she confidentially leaned over and told me, "Now I know why it was for kids ages five and under!" The best part for the girls, I think, was getting an ice cream cone from North Country Convenience for 50 cents. They sure do have good ice cream flavors. I was thinking it would be a small cone, but they gave us the $1.29 value cone for the price. We also came home with a helium-filled balloon which brought lots of play time also.

Friday night we went to a trial run of the Country Corn Maze and had such a fun evening. I've wondered if we should advertise it at our annual Jackpine Retreat but am not sure how families would pull it off after traveling all the way up here. Tracy and Aaron made it through, but Jason, Emily, and I didn't make it. We did find our way back to the entrance four times though. I wonder if we'll get a prize for that??? :) The two kids kept traveling towards the sun even though I was sure the way out was the other way. We ended up just quitting because the sun set, and Tracy and Aaron had both of the flashlights. Tracy says it's more fun during the daylight hours anyway. Mike got his picture taken with kids playing so check it out with the link above. They have a child's play area also, but Laura was scared of the calf they had in there. I got such a kick out of the calf...when we arrived, it decided it had had enough of people and being stuck in the fenced-off area so it jumped the fence and took off down the road towards home. Needless to say, it was brought back and had to spend the rest of the evening tied up in its little pen.

Saturday was the last day we used our pool pass, and already Melissa has asked when we can go swimming again.

Wednesday we made a quick decision and went to Bemidji for the Kid's Club at their church where our four little ones had fun. They studied a little about the body and got to color a hackeysack to bring home along with having a snack. We visited Grandma and Grandpa and had pizza and demolished the batch of cookies she had made also. The dog, who got to go also, was very pleased to see his "Grandma" and has had a better countenance since we went.

That brings me to today, which is now yesterday. I guess I should be in bed, but I never get a chance to sit here at "my" computer anymore because the kids are always on it, it seems. So...I take over Mike's instead. :) I had a chiropractor appointment and got my hip popped back into place. Now I just need for that muscle to relax so it doesn't pull it out again, if it hasn't already. I also got some "vitamin F" which I had never heard of before. I guess you get it from the dark green leafy vegetables and it helps your body move the calcium to the muscles. I've been getting a few charlie horses in my calf muscles (not NEARLY as many as I've had with previous pregnancies though) so just threw that out to him. As usual, he had a solution. He's never been wrong before (at least with dealings with me) so I have a very great respect and trust in his opinion. He called me the "Blueberry Queen" again this year. One day the kids and I picked a cupcake liner of blueberries for him and delivered them. I dropped them off last month after not having seen him for quite some time so wasn't even sure if he had received them. Now I know he did. :)

Full moon, Friday, September 4, 2009. Does that count as Thursday-Friday or Friday-Saturday??? It's so bright outside right now.

It hit 89 at our house yesterday so I had the air conditioner going. Just as it started to get past tolerable into the "nice" zone, it was time to head to soccer. Today, other than Mike being at work, we have nothing planned that I know of. Have a great weekend!


I see someone was hard at work with her soccer ball so I decided I'd beat her to the posting so I could post a picture of her on my blog. I like the collage she made!

MP3 Player

Aaron got an MP3 player for Christmas and recently got new headphones for it. Laura has decided she enjoys listening to it. Aaron's put her to sleep several times by letting her listen with one ear and it has also helped to calm her down several times.


Tracy was trying to get a good picture of Jason for my wall, but I'm not sure if any of these do justice. I thought I'd post them anyway so people can see how goofy we are at our house. The pink hat was given to Aaron by a friend at a baby birthday party we went to, and he decided to keep it. It's been the topic of many conversations and has also brought a lot of laughs. We thought the dog did a good job of posing for the pictures.

Baby Antics

Here we were lying in my bed feeling the baby move, and Melissa decided she needed to feel the baby move in Laura's tummy. Laura got the biggest kick out of that!

Three Girls in Pajamas

I think they were having a tickling contest.

Birthday Pictures

Well, here at long last is my birthday picture. I'm not sure what I was hysterically laughing at, but at least the moment was caught on camera! :) My cake was a brownie bottom with ice cream and M+M's and chocolate sauce on the top. It went quickly, of course, being divided between eight of us (I ate Mike's portion.)