Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daily Living

I got such a nice nap today! I even slept through Mike's break at work (I usually e-mail him.)

We made a BBQ pizza for supper out of a leftover roast mixed in some BBQ sauce. The crust this time was made with the whole wheat flour instead of the Gold 'N White whole wheat flour which Tracy likes to use. I still have some cheese I bought from when I went to Sam's Club with a friend in February. We also had some juice, milk, peaches, strawberries, and yogurt. Well, Mike had pop; the kids would have gladly had pop, but they had just had some on Sunday when their grandparents were here so didn't really need more.

The kids played outside quite a bit this evening and now are painting and playing with Play-Doh.

Tracy had a violin lesson this morning and was invited to orchestra camp which is in August for a week with her teacher and teacher's parents; I think it is in Renier. (I'm not sure how to spell that, but it's east of us.)

Tomorrow is Melissa's birthday. It's hard to believe it was five years ago that I had a few contractions that started out just like Aaron's and Emily's did. Who would have known that she would have come at 2:00 A.M. instead of around 10:00 A.M. the next morning as those two did? Live and learn that they're all different... :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, I think I'm officially caught up on dishes for the moment except for the one that ended up outside. Of course, those are just the dishes that were by the sink ready to be washed, mind you! :) I have no idea how many are floating around the house and probably don't want to know.

We were going to plan a quick trip to town yesterday to go rollerblading on the bike path, but it started raining. By the time it quit and the sun came out again, I was sound asleep in a chair getting a much-needed nap. I'm such a lazy bum these days.

I can tell we live in northern Minnesota because it gets light so early these days. I haven't noticed how late it's light at night yet. Soon we'll be waiting for dusk at 10:15 so we can watch the 4th of July fireworks...

Mike's parents are coming up for part of Saturday and part of Sunday so that should be fun for the kids.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm making a pan of cornbread for supper.

I'm starting to feel better now so hopefully I can start getting things accomplished again. I am not sure how many loads of laundry I have done with sheets/blankets/towels, but it was a LARGE number.

We went to our hardware store Saturday before the home school graduation. They were having a "Kid's Day" and had some games. Each kid got three tickets for a chance to win one of the prizes, and Laura won one of the games. Mike picked it up today on his way to work so she should be able to have some fun with it tomorrow.

They were also having a 15% off camping supplies so I picked up another air mattress and a pump. A friend of ours pumped our mattresses up with his pump last May for us, and it's quite convenient compared to the way we've been doing it for years. (Our way gets rid of kids' energy though.) I was hoping for a rechargeable one or at least an AC/DC adapter but no such luck. We'll have to buy some D batteries to go with our stash of AA and AAA. :)

Other than that, things have been going well. I can tell kids feel better; the energy level is up in the house, and they've even been going outside to play.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Freezer Space

I cleaned out my freezers today (defrosted one of them.) I pulled 50# of birdseed out of the big one and now there's space in it. I also found some roasts from our beef I thought I was out of so that was a GREAT surprise. I have a lot more orange juice than I thought I did too--I had ordered a case when it was cheap and dumped it all over instead of trying to make room for the box. :)

The kids finished watching a movie Tracy got for her birthday, and now I have the fun job of waiting another hour for Laura to decide she's tired enough to go to sleep.

Mike works tomorrow then is on nights next week. His department is back to 40-hour weeks so it won't be 10:30 evenings, it'll be 2:30 AM evenings.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Pretty Girl 2

I've always had a hard time cutting Melissa's hair. I don't know if it is because she had so much of it or what... However, she's been wanting shorter hair for a couple weeks so tonight was the night. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Food Spending

I just updated my food spending for the rest of March and April, and it's crazy to me that as much as I try to keep my food spending down, it goes up and up and up. In spite of being able to go to Sam's Club with a friend and stock up in February, which has really helped, I'll have to admit that we did go out to eat a lot more in March and April than we normally would have just because I wasn't feeling well. It sure is good to know the reason now!!!!! :) I was seriously considering going to the doctor because it's just not like me to be sick. Boy, that would have been embarrassing!!!!!

Happy May Day!

It's hard to believe May is here already. Our past two weeks have been weeks of chaos and I believe that plans to continue. :)