Saturday, September 6, 2014

Don't Spill the Beans!

Do you remember that game?  Well, I thought of it when I opened my freezer this morning to defrost it.  I do immensely enjoy my new fridge/freezer that is frost-free; it's so easy to clean.  This one, however, has lots of frost, and today was the day I chose to do it.  I found flour and blueberries on the bottom also so may have to create some bean-blueberry muffins.  :)

Do you think we have enough water bottles?  Soccer season is here so they have been put to use a lot lately.

These are ready to be filled and frozen, and I am working on freezing a big block of ice for our Jackpine camping trip this weekend (though it may be cold enough we won't need it.)

Anyway, I'll get back to defrosting now.  I'll have to find a pan of hot water.