Sunday, April 28, 2013

Outside Play

Yesterday (and the day before) the kids begged to get the hose out.  I guess they think it is summer, as it was in the 60's and70's at our house.  Swim suits were the attire for the day.  :)

I, meanly in their opinions, would not let them have the hose; but I did let them take several buckets of water out.

They had shoveled (snow) out from underneath the trampoline space a few days ago and put that up.  Well, today they were jumping and throwing shovelfuls of snow onto each other.

Then they put up the slide and made a water slide with the buckets of water.

I know I am a strange mom.  :)  I hope they don't get sick.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Reason Spring Has Not Come

People keep complaining and wondering when spring will be coming this year.  I think they forget we live in Minnesota, but Mike came up with a better conclusion, "She is caged up."


Why do cats prefer to go to the people who would rather not have them?  Here she is on Mike's side of the bed.  :)

Some of our friends rescued her from an abusive situation.  We figure she is about six months old.  The girls are happy to have a cat finally.

"Do I really have to endure this?"

This is the way we hold the early in the morning...  David came out of the bedroom commenting, "Aussie is being mean to the cat."  We could only laugh...