Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Reason Spring Has Not Come

People keep complaining and wondering when spring will be coming this year.  I think they forget we live in Minnesota, but Mike came up with a better conclusion, "She is caged up."


Why do cats prefer to go to the people who would rather not have them?  Here she is on Mike's side of the bed.  :)

Some of our friends rescued her from an abusive situation.  We figure she is about six months old.  The girls are happy to have a cat finally.

"Do I really have to endure this?"

This is the way we hold the early in the morning...  David came out of the bedroom commenting, "Aussie is being mean to the cat."  We could only laugh...


Travis said...

To funny. That looks like a big cat.

All in a Day said...

She is actually only 10 pounds at the present time. I would have never guessed that with the way she eats!!! :)