Sunday, April 28, 2013

Outside Play

Yesterday (and the day before) the kids begged to get the hose out.  I guess they think it is summer, as it was in the 60's and70's at our house.  Swim suits were the attire for the day.  :)

I, meanly in their opinions, would not let them have the hose; but I did let them take several buckets of water out.

They had shoveled (snow) out from underneath the trampoline space a few days ago and put that up.  Well, today they were jumping and throwing shovelfuls of snow onto each other.

Then they put up the slide and made a water slide with the buckets of water.

I know I am a strange mom.  :)  I hope they don't get sick.


Abbi said...

Very funny! I don't really think kids get sick from being cold but once in a while when I let my kids do things like that I start to second guess myself and wonder...

All in a Day said...

I really do know what you mean. I feel the same way about it--though I sometimes think getting cold makes the body work more towards warming itself than keeping healthy, if that makes any sense.