Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today we had a three-year old girl here for the afternoon/evening/and now. Her parents get off work in eight minutes.

Everything has been going well. I'm feeling much better now and have actually been getting some stuff done. Tonight I pulled the baby "neutral" bin out. I have some stuff to put into it that Laura's done with, but I also want to go through everything to see what I have. :)

I got the checkbook balanced and only have seven of my after-Christmas postcards to finish. I'm really tired now and could have gone to sleep an hour ago since everyone was in bed but Tracy, but I would have had to get up to send this girl home. I'm sending her home with wet boots. I dried them in the dryer for over an hour, with no luck. She took off for the "lake" in our front yard as soon as my back was turned. Oh well, at least she had fun!

Mike should be home soon also, and we got a bit of thunder and rain tonight. Spring is here too because the frogs are croaking and making an awful racket.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Is anyone able to tell if this is yeast or not? I can't get it to go away!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Home Again

I am home from Bemidji and am feeling better. I even had a prenatal appointment on my long way around to Bemidji! Laura had surgery on her teeth in Fargo and has two silver teeth, a couple plastic caps on a couple of her front teeth, and some tooth-colored fillings in her bottom molars. Melissa is proud because she has ten silver teeth, "More than Laura!" :) Sigh... Anyway, Laura did well with the surgery, and then we had fun babysitting Grandma's animals, in spite of a wild dog who tormented them inside the house and geese who tormented them outside. We did chores and also did "mud chores" as Melissa dubbed our making trails in the mud of the driveway to get the water to drain down to the road. We spent probably two hours each day in the hot tub playing and me trying to relax. Laura kept stuffing the ducks down the front of my swim suit. Tracy had a fun time in Florida, and you'll have to check out her blog and Facebook account for pictures.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lying Low

We haven't been up to much, but that's going to change today. The four girls and I are headed to Fargo via Karlstad and then on to Bemidji where the three little ones and I will be spending a week taking care of animals and partying. My parents are taking my sister and Tracy to Florida for the week so hopefully they'll all have fun.

I've been dealing with "morning" sickness all day long, but hopefully it will end soon.