Friday, October 30, 2009

Around the Yard

Some scenes from around the yard before today's snow...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trampoline Fun

It's the time of year we take the trampoline down to store in the shed. The kids enjoy doing "flips" around the bar and walking around the outer edge to practice balancing skills.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snow Day

We had some sticky snow on October 15, and the kids enjoyed being outside. While I was still asleep in the morning hours, they had gotten up, dressed, and gone outside without my knowledge. I didn't have the heart to call them back in so we didn't even bother doing school work that day. Emily made and decorated a snowman, and I just loved Laura's reaction to it. I especially like the picture where she's checking it out, with a look of wonder on her face.

Aaron's 14th Birthday

Aaron had four requests for his birthday: 1)cheesecake 2)Pina Colada punch 3)peppermint bon bon ice cream 4)Nintendo Wii. I told him I could handle the first three but that he would have to work and save up for the fourth. :) He will get money to go towards it from us though.

I made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and for supper we had cheeseburgers (on sale at Dairy Queen) and chips and the punch. He decorated his cheesecake with candles after that and had the ice cream for a bedtime snack. He played the computer watched a few movies for most of the day. I even made him "work" by trying to get Mike's flat tire off the car, but the thing wouldn't budge.

The night we headed to the hospital for him to be born was foggy, and there were deer everywhere. I'm sure I noticed then, but the biggest thing I remember is having contractions every two minutes on the way there and the fact that we got to wake Tracy up in the night after all the nights she kept us awake with her screaming. :)

Happy 14th birthday, Aaron!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here's Jason on the field.

Our soccer season went well even though it was a wild time. You would not think that three hours three times a week in the evening plus games a couple times a week some weeks would really make that much of a difference in a schedule, but it does (did.)

I found myself having to figure out really quick suppers (if any at all) plus a snack for in the car on the way to/from games and after the practices since the kids were always starving. I obviously didn't do as well as I thought I did because when we got our monthly bills I noticed a LOT of fast-food bills and bills from "Holiday" purchasing more than just gas.

I did do better with the water bottles this year though. I don't think I bought any unplanned water purchases. We froze ice in Juicy Juice jugs and smaller bottles we picked up and kept them ready to go in the freezer. We'd just have to grab them, fill them with water the rest of the way, and run. I think we did have around 15 to keep on top of things though. :)

Here's a blurry picture of Jason in the car; I liked his smile in this picture.

Tracy and Aaron each got goals in games, and Jason had a couple chances. I liked the one goal of Aaron's, which I call the "karate-chop" goal. The ball came flying in from the corner, and he just kind of kicked it sideways into the net. It totally looked to me like he was just trying to push it away from himself, not intentionally making a goal. He got "yelled" at from his coach for that move because he didn't trap the ball first, but in another game when a similar chance came, his coach said he should have done the karate-chop kick again. I really had to laugh when Tracy told that to me!!!!!

Aaron's in the car, trying to ignore the camera on the way to a game.

The wrap-up games went well. I was banned from playing since they didn't want to deliver a baby, but Mike made two goals against the senior team. The parents won against both the juniors and the seniors. I think this is the first year I've known the parents to beat the seniors. After those two games we had potluck snacks. Lots of people liked the blueberry muffin bread I made, and one lady took most of the rest of the loaf of regular bread I had made home. We got traded some bars, apples, and cookies in exchange. I only brought healthy stuff this year so it was leftover. :)

Tracy on the field; she did an excellent job of forward this year and made several good moves and passes.

Mike and his team on the sideline.

We played against two other teams at our fields and their fields. One town is 1 1/2 hours away and the other is 1 3/4 hours away. During the tournaments, the senior team got second place and the juniors got third place. Next year Emily gets to be on the team if we're doing soccer again and she wants to play.