Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aaron's 14th Birthday

Aaron had four requests for his birthday: 1)cheesecake 2)Pina Colada punch 3)peppermint bon bon ice cream 4)Nintendo Wii. I told him I could handle the first three but that he would have to work and save up for the fourth. :) He will get money to go towards it from us though.

I made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and for supper we had cheeseburgers (on sale at Dairy Queen) and chips and the punch. He decorated his cheesecake with candles after that and had the ice cream for a bedtime snack. He played the computer watched a few movies for most of the day. I even made him "work" by trying to get Mike's flat tire off the car, but the thing wouldn't budge.

The night we headed to the hospital for him to be born was foggy, and there were deer everywhere. I'm sure I noticed then, but the biggest thing I remember is having contractions every two minutes on the way there and the fact that we got to wake Tracy up in the night after all the nights she kept us awake with her screaming. :)

Happy 14th birthday, Aaron!

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