Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today we had a three-year old girl here for the afternoon/evening/and now. Her parents get off work in eight minutes.

Everything has been going well. I'm feeling much better now and have actually been getting some stuff done. Tonight I pulled the baby "neutral" bin out. I have some stuff to put into it that Laura's done with, but I also want to go through everything to see what I have. :)

I got the checkbook balanced and only have seven of my after-Christmas postcards to finish. I'm really tired now and could have gone to sleep an hour ago since everyone was in bed but Tracy, but I would have had to get up to send this girl home. I'm sending her home with wet boots. I dried them in the dryer for over an hour, with no luck. She took off for the "lake" in our front yard as soon as my back was turned. Oh well, at least she had fun!

Mike should be home soon also, and we got a bit of thunder and rain tonight. Spring is here too because the frogs are croaking and making an awful racket.

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