Friday, May 15, 2009

Freezer Space

I cleaned out my freezers today (defrosted one of them.) I pulled 50# of birdseed out of the big one and now there's space in it. I also found some roasts from our beef I thought I was out of so that was a GREAT surprise. I have a lot more orange juice than I thought I did too--I had ordered a case when it was cheap and dumped it all over instead of trying to make room for the box. :)

The kids finished watching a movie Tracy got for her birthday, and now I have the fun job of waiting another hour for Laura to decide she's tired enough to go to sleep.

Mike works tomorrow then is on nights next week. His department is back to 40-hour weeks so it won't be 10:30 evenings, it'll be 2:30 AM evenings.


Abbi said...

I have been needing to clean out freezers too. I have two going besides the fridge freezer and I know I could condense everything into one. I just need to get it done!

All in a Day said...

Sometimes it's so much work, but it's always well-worth it to me. I find "treats" and "surprises" all the time. (Plus things I wonder why I even saved!!!) :)