Saturday, September 12, 2009


This morning Tracy went to the Bible Bee in Roseau where she will be saying verses and doing a test on Bible memory.

Aaron and Mike went to Streiff's Sporting Goods for the Kids Outdoors day.

The other children and I stayed home to hold down the fort, not that it was going anywhere, but just because... :) I sent them outside at lunch time with a sandwich, chips, apples, and juice. They've been playing well all day, and I just got up from an hour's nap. I think I could still use a couple more hours of sleep; it probably won't happen though.

Yesterday the kids did well with their soccer games. The younger team tied and the older team won. Aaron got a goal in both games which was exciting.

On the way home our van decided to die in Thief River Falls so there it sits. Some friends gave us a ride home, and a wonderful man is working on it on his day off for us. If Mike's up to it, we'll be able to go get it tonight.

I'm not sure what we have planned for tomorrow other than church, but it's going to be a beautiful day (which is too hot for me.)

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