Thursday, September 10, 2009


I actually got three letters sent out to grandparents this week and visited a fourth so need to take care of the 5th. :)

Yesterday we made a trip to TRF for a dentist appointment; se have to go back for two fillings. :( We circled home through Bemidji instead of back through Roseau. I thought if they have an opening for next Wednesday we could try again and get those fillings taken care of. LOL

The kids enjoyed the Kids Club last night again, and Laura has been coloring in her notebook a lot of the morning and afternoon. She's such a menace with any art supply. Even though I try to be right there with her, I still get sidetracked so she ends up coloring and cutting things she shouldn't. It hasn't been as bad since I moved things up out of her reach, but now I notice Emily and Melissa don't use them as often as they used to. Tit for tat...

Today we have soccer practice and a game tomorrow. I'm hoping to be able to stop at the mill and get some flour and oatmeal on our way tomorrow.

Other than that, I've just been trying to stay cool. It hit 89 at our house a bit ago but is back down to 88.


Abbi said...

I am glad Laura is enjoying her notebook. She seemed happy with it in class. (Though a serious happiness :-)

It was fun to have such a big class.

All in a Day said...

She's been better about leaving me now. Her notebook is probably half filled now!