Friday, June 5, 2009


Yesterday I ran up to the gas station to get some gas for the mowers and tiller so Aaron and Jason were riding around on the mowers. I finally had to lay down the law that whenever they were riding on them the blades had to be down; we've been using a high amount of gas lately so I want that gas to be put to good use. It's not as much fun to ride now.

In the afternoon we headed to town to do some errands. I went to a friend's house. I'm supposed to be babysitting her twins on Monday so she wanted to show me where things were. While I was there, the kids went on the bike trail with Melissa's bike and rollerblades where they ended up at the park by the lake. Mike met us down there and we got a pizza then did some mowing at the church building before heading to track. The kids got ribbons, and we got to stand around in the rain. :) Even Mike ran a lap. We went to the pool afterwards then brought a treat home before heading to bed.

This morning I think the majority of the population of our household slept in. Even Mike didn't get up for work when he normally does--he waited for closer to the alarm. I don't think we have anything in store for the day out of the ordinary so I'll get off the computer and get busy with laundry. Have a great day!

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