Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prenatal Appointment

We had a prenatal appointment tonight and all is going well. I didn't think I had grown any, but I've grown up past my belly button instead of out. I do have a little baby bump though--or did I write that last night? We got to hear the baby's heartbeat really, really well this time, and it was at 168. That says "girl" to me, but I know we can't always judge by that. After all, Tracy's always was a consistent 140, and she sure isn't a boy! :) We made some "smoothies" out of blueberries, the last of the raspberries in the freezer from last year, and a container of strawberries I found. I mixed it with some ice cream and the last of the yogurt I had made last week for a yummy treat to share. Then the midwife was off to another prenatal appointment.

Tomorrow is a busy day for us. We need to wash the kitchen floor since I stick to it as I walk across. :) We're heading to town for rollerblading/biking, I have a chiropractor appointment, we will meet Mike for pizza, we have track, and then we plan to go swimming.

I had a huge pile of dishes to do, but it only took 15 minutes to do the majority of them; there are a couple extras floating around, but as soon as I get the counters wiped down, it'll look clean in the kitchen.

We have such a huge stack of laundry that needs hangers. My kids have tended to use the hangers as bows in the past so many have been snapped. I guess that's a good reason for wire hangers, but I really prefer the plastic sort.

Mike got the tiller started and tilled a row only to have the gas run out. That leaves us with three "toys" and no gas for them. Another thing for tomorrow. :) Have a great evening!

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