Friday, June 12, 2009


Well, we "painted" the town last night. I did almost all of my errands, but by the time track was over, there was no time left to check out the hardware store like I wanted to. We did manage to get in on the pool time for 1/2 hour. So many people have been coming to track this year.

Today we are headed to Ada for family camp. We have to pack yet, but that should go quickly. We have the back seat out of the van so we don't have to bring the topper. Hmm...I wonder how much stuff we can cram in there. It sure was a lot the last time a friend took me to Sam's Club! :)

I hit the chiropractor again, but my hip is still out after trying to get it back in place. He said to come in tomorrow for no charge if it was still bugging me so I may do that in the morning and try to finish the rest of my errands. It always used to be my back going out, but since I started taking the calcium he recommended, I've had no problems with that at all. He did have to "up" me from six to eight though because of nursing.

We had the hose out today, and I got the tubs cleaned out I used for the manure the other evening. Now it's raining (again.) If we could only share some of the rain we get each day with those who really need it, we would not have a saturated yard! :) That's ok though. The poor get their rain in the summer and the rich get it in the winter--or some old tale like that. I left the hose on a slow trickle for the little girls to play with, and of course, they liked that. I think all of my kids have enjoyed playing with the hose.

Mike, Aaron, and Jason headed out Thursday morning with the cities as their ultimate destination. Friday they're going to hit Valleyfair. Saturday they will attend a friend's wedding in Rochester, and Sunday they're planning to go to church in Brainerd before heading home. I guess they'll have to stop in Bemidji for the dog. Hmm...maybe they'll "forget" him.

Silly me...I'm trying to get in a game of Bingo on Facebook and keep missing the rounds because I do other things. Oh well. I should head back to bed or maybe go wash the ten dishes in the sink so Tracy has some to put away tomorrow morning.

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