Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bemis Hill in the Summer

We went to Hayes Lake State Park yesterday for a home school picnic and play day. It was hot, and even though I used lotion on kids, they still came home burned. Oh well, they enjoyed the day anyway. I'm not sure all that went on over on the "games" side of things, but I do know my family members that were over there had fun. I stayed at the beach in the shade watching my little ones. I brought along Tracy's camera but only got five pictures because the battery was low. I posted them on our home school site, but here are Melissa and Laura playing in the sand.

On the first Sunday in June, the state parks have their open houses. You don't need a permit to get in that day, and I think we've gone each year for the past 16 years; don't quote me on that though. :) We enjoyed a lunch, going in the kayaks, swimming, and listening to a demonstration on camping. We were too late for the fire-building demonstration, but the fire was roaring and felt good as the day was a bit chilly. Here is a picture of Mike and me in kayaks (the two on the left.) They were quite "tippy," but it was fun once we got the hang of it.
On our way home, we stopped at Bemis Hill so the little ones could have the enjoyment of rolling down the hill without the snow. I had done this years ago with the older three. They lasted a lot longer than I thought they would so I know they had fun. There was a big hole there still that had been used for a jump so the kids were hiding in that.

*Bottom note for those of you who read but don't know our area:*
We have so few hills up here that we name them. :)
We have "The Ridge," "Bemis Hill," and "Blueberry Hill."


Abbi said...

I love your note about naming the hills. :-)

All in a Day said...

I found it quite funny when I moved up here, but now it's just second-nature.