Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Again

We all (in both vehicles) did make it home from camping and traveling Sunday evening. I'll have to try to write more later.

The kids are attending a VBS this week. There are four happening this week in our small town!!!!! Emily's on a mission to learn at least ten extra Bible verses so she can get a prize, and I heard she came in 1st on one of the Bible drills yesterday.

Today I'm going to try to convince Mike to take Laura and me out to lunch, and then I have to run to Baudette before heading back to Warroad to pick up the kids.

I'll have to close for now. We have the lunch packed so that's a BIG part of the morning. The kids are getting spoiled with pudding, applesauce, chips, and a small candy bar each day to go along with their sandwiches and drink. When the weekend comes, eating is going to seem blah without all the extra treats. :)


The Krahns said...

I remember the lunch being one of my favorite parts of VBS when I was a kid too. We've enjoyed your children and Tracy is such a great worker! Thanks for sharing them!

All in a Day said...

I know Tracy enjoys it; thanks for asking her (although I think she was planning to show up even if you hadn't asked.) LOL :)