Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I find it so hard to believe that June is here already! Time goes faster and faster the older I get.

Aaron, Mike, Tracy, and I worked on a garden box today. We were going to till my garden spot from last year, but Mike flooded the tiller and can't get it started again. He said he'd try again tomorrow. Tracy and I both had the idea so I'm going to try it: we're going to plant the same things in the garden box as the garden from last year and see which grows better. :) I'm sure I know the answer already, but it'll be a good science project, if nothing. Hmm...should we discount the price of the seeds on our school supplies for taxes next year?

Tomorrow we have a prenatal appointment and hopefully will get to hear the baby's heartbeat a little better than the past couple times. I don't feel any bigger than last month, but maybe the midwife's tape measure is a little different than mine. Ha ha ha

I'm going to be getting 100# of flour, 50# to share so will see what kind of room I can make in the freezer.

Aaron got his "air soft" gun today. It looks so much like a pistol, and I had to laugh when I read over the box. They wrote right on the outside what it was--I suppose for security purposes. Anyway, he's already had fun with it, and he even killed a woodtick with it. Boys will be boys...

We got some thank you cards written, some birthday cards signed, and a couple letters written. I found two May birthday cards I had forgotten to send before our trip last week so they'll be late.

We had to fill our hummingbird feeder already. I'm considering getting another but would like to get one the oriels will be able to eat out of also. They're so bright and colorful.


Melanie said...

I enjoy reading your updates! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog too. I am really enjoying this little baby already. It's just so fun!

God bless you!

All in a Day said...