Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Moon

Make sure you stay awake for a while tomorrow night to witness this eclipse!

We had a fun time with our visitors today. I think the boys out-numbered the girls for a change. I'd have to tally to make sure though.

Check out Tracy's blog for a few pictures, and check out Beth's blog and JoyAnn's blog if you have time. JoyAnn also has a sewing business.


Anonymous said...

My poor granddog! How did he survive all this? I saw Tracy's blog.

Who? Oldest of six said...

Actually it was even. Our five girls and their six makes eleven. They had nine boys there plus our two so that makes eleven.

Beth said...

We did have a good time at your house!! Thanks for the great food too!!~Beth

All in a Day said...

I'm glad you came, Beth. It was lots of fun.
Thanks, Tracy. I hadn't taken the time to do the tally. :)