Monday, February 25, 2008


We actually got a little bit of schoolwork rolling today. We also started in on "Mr. Popper's Penguins" which is proving to be more enjoyable than the title and picture on the cover. I've noticed that even Aaron and Jason are listening in. I guess it goes back to the old saying of not judging a book by its cover.

That reminds me of a nursery rhyme I was reading to Melissa tonight I wanted to post.
The Owl
A wise old owl sat in an oak,
The more he heard the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why aren't we all like that wise old bird?

(And as I post, Tracy thinks that my friend Emily has posted this on her blog before!)
I think it's hard for us to be quiet and just listen sometimes.

After a skirmish with the Aussie-dog last night, he has been very nice to Melissa and Laura today. I hope it continues because I really would like this to work. I just feel that it's the right time for the kids to have a dog even though it's been a lot more work than I suspected. Aaron and Jason have taken him outside to play in the snow two days now so that's been helpful. He keeps getting a hold of Melissa's Memory pieces, but it's her own fault for not picking them up when told. The dog is getting very good at determining his toys vs. the kids toys so I can't complain.

Tonight for supper I made sausage, egg, and cheese English muffins. I only had one leftover to put in the fridge so it'll be first-come, first-serve for breakfast tomorrow! (If anyone takes me up on the offer, call ahead of time so I can clear a path for you from the door to the fridge.) :) I'm hoping to be able to get an accurate count so I can determine the price for each one. My ultimate goal is to begin to make them ahead of time and have them frozen for quick and easy meals.

Good night!


Abbi said...

Mr. Poppers Penguins was a book I really enjoyed reading as a kid. I think Mara has read it a couple of times or so as well.

Minkydo said...

Ahhh... the joys of puppies and toddlers. I remember those days.

One dog we had pinned my kiddo down on his stomach and pretty much held him there. He wasn't hurting him just asserting a bit of dominance. I had trouble not laughing. I did manage to rescue kiddo and properly scold the dog. *lol*

All in a Day said...

We finished Mr. Popper's Penguins tonight. It didn't end the way I thought it would!

Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to check out Mr Popper's Penguins and keep forgetting. It isn't the type Harrison or Margaret choose but I know they would enjoy it. Harrison always wants Sci-Fi or Brian Jaques books and Margaret always chooses such books along the lines of Laura I. W. or Fairy Tales. Anna

All in a Day said...

Your kids are so smart because you read lots of books to them. I need to start that again with my younger set of kids.