Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Tonight I was the secretary at AWANA since our main secretary was gone. It went well overall.

As we walked outside to come home, we saw the eclipse starting and now it's in full force. :)

We got home, I took Melissa out of the car and she threw up on me. I wonder how many people we infected tonight. Jason went to bed last night after watching a movie and slept until 2:00 today then came out and slept for three more hours. Mike said he slept most of the time we were gone. Laura was just the opposite; I guess she cried the whole time I was gone.

Beth, I hope you're still immune from being sick at your house! Sorry about this. I suppose they were contagious yesterday.

The Aussie-dog is doing well. He enjoys being out in the snow. He's a snowplow. I hope to be able to get some pictures to post of him plowing one of these days.

Sorry for having to add the word verification; I have been getting spammed on here so wanted to try and stop that.

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