Thursday, February 21, 2008


The dog has been enjoying chasing a rope with a part of a swing set piece on it. He barks like crazy and chases it all over, just like a cat would. He hasn't been getting much attention lately, but this afternoon I took him to the grocery store with me. He sat in the car seat that was in the back seat part of the time and stuck his head up by my neck part of the time. Crazy dog!!! :) I also took Laura; when she saw her snow suit she started waving bye bye so I just HAD to take her. I bought a small container of potato salad for Mike to go along with the leftover sloppy joe I made him for supper. I need to learn the knack of his mom's recipe because he will eat hers even though it has eggs in it. Anyway, I digress...the dog is up with me at the moment. The poor thing probably has his days and nights mixed up because when I'm unable to care for him with all these sick kids, I stick him in his kennel for a "nap." He's been going to the kennel, grabbing a toy, and bringing it out to the living room. I put them all back, but he did it again. I guess he's just like a kid needing to drag toys all over the house. :) Good night. I'll put my movie on to fall asleep. It works like wonders for me.


Minkydo said...

He's rescuing the toys. My dogs always did that as well :)

All in a Day said...

That would explain it; he does it ALL the time!