Saturday, July 5, 2008

Updated Garden Pictures

My tomatoes don't look like they're going to get big, but I've seen three flowers on them so far.

Is the bottom picture my Romaine-type lettuce? Do I eat some of the leaves now or just let it grow and grow?

Oh, and we do have a few corn plants that are knee-high (to Laura!!!) :)


Anonymous said...

Your garden looks nice. The bottom picture looks to me to be a radish. Romaine type lettuce can be eaten at any size pretty much. I suppose you get more if you let it get a little size on it before you start cutting it back. Anna

All in a Day said...

I pulled it up, and it wasn't a radish. I have no idea what it was, but the bugs sure enjoyed eating that specific plant in the garden.

I'll have to start using some of the Romaine lettuce too. We've been eating the "Grand Rapids" lettuce on sandwiches.