Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baby Birthday Party

We have no phone, in case you have been trying to call us. We're not sure what the problem is at the moment, but with the amount of calls we (don't) get, we're not missing it.

Today our midwife hosted a party for her "babies." If I heard the count correctly, 18 of them were there. It was a very windy and cool day so I'm glad I packed jackets. It was a "bring your own meat and a dish to share" meal and was a lot of fun. It's always fun to get to visit with everyone. Thanks, Rebekah!

I've been working through this FIAR book with Emily (and Melissa when she'll listen) and have been enjoying it. I had heard about it when Tracy was young but never spent the $ on it. A friend loaned me this. We have about six books left to do of those I can locate through the library.

Here are a couple pictures of Laura and Melissa playing in the water from last night's storm. It was dripping off the roof. I love the way you can see the individual droplets!

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