Saturday, July 26, 2008

Birthday Bounty

We got Tracy picked up and made it home safely. She's tired but had a very fun time. I grilled my birthday steaks, made some potato fries, cheesy green beans, mandarin oranges, and milk for supper, and had strawberries over white cupcakes. I didn't realize Pamida's sales ended on Friday so missed out on my cheesecake. :) Laura and I picked the daisies.


Anonymous said...

I sabg Happy Birthday laate on the 24th so I could be the first. I knew I would be busy that day. But, I got so very sick instead. I am still fighting it. Last time I ended up in the hospital so this is better so far. Strawberries are in my thoughts right now and that is all. MOM

All in a Day said...

Glad you're feeling better. The strawberries are done; the ones we picked yesterday didn't even last until just a little bit ago--several were moldy and most were mushy already.