Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The older five kids and I went strawberry picking this morning. We were there for 1/2 hour and got 8 buckets of strawberries. Aaron was the top picker at 2 1/2 pails, and Tracy was close behind him. It was so hard not staying to pick more, but I think 8 buckets should last for a while. :)

When we got home, we dove in, but the kids didn't eat as many as I thought they should have. I had to show them my way of "slurping" the berry off the stem because they were cutting the stems out and losing part of the berry. We had fun trying to out-slurp each other with the noise.

We made one batch of jam with some pectin I had left over from last year. I'll have to start looking for that stuff on sale because Tracy wants LOTS of jam.


Anonymous said...

First Mary and now you :-(
I want some strawberries too! Maybe I can snag my husband into a berry nice date!

No morw weird letters?

All in a Day said...

I'm sure he'd go with you if you only ask. :)

I took the letters off a while ago and got spammed several times. If I get too much more, I'll put them on again.