Sunday, July 20, 2008


We picked blueberries today just as a trial-thing to see how they are. We ended up with about a quart. Mike said by next week they should be ready. The dog got to go with us and enjoyed being able to run free through the woods. (We'll have to buy mosquito spray before we go next week; they were thicker than the blueberries!)


Renee said...

Hey Shelley! :) This is Renee...we chatted at the Baxter rally. SOrry it's taken me so long to hop onto your blog. it's so fun to read! :)

Bob said...

I miss picking blueberries.

All in a Day said...

Hello, Renee! I'm glad you made it. It was good getting to chat with you; time flies so quickly.

Bob, are you still planning to bike up for Jackpine? Maybe you should bike up now and pick blueberries. Mike would love the company as I peter out after about an hour.