Monday, July 28, 2008


Look at the pea pods!!!!! I've been waiting and waiting for them, and they showed up when I quit looking. A watched pot never boils, I guess. :)

Here are the newest pictures of the garden. The peas, some of which are over my head now, and beans have lots of flowers. I have (only) 11 tomatoes as of last count, the peppers are flowering. I still have to take up an onion to see the progress, but they look strong and healthy from above the ground. The kids are anxious for the corn--the tallest one is waist-high. We've had lots and lots of lettuce to eat.


Abbi said...

Your garden looks great! We have been so busy mine is quite neglected right now.
Happy Belated Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Our garden looks terrible. The horse pasture garden looks good surprisingly. I have had one red tomato and a few peas. he beans will be ready to eat this weekend if I can eat yet. (I ended up with the flu and after3 days had to take myself in to ER-I just can't fight that stuff anymore.) The squash plants are big but only a few flowers. Corn is OK and sunflowers big. Lots of apples and grapes. A few strawberries to tease us and a few raspberries just now showing up. I have been too sick to search the woods of late. Now that you know you can grow a nice garden, next year will be bigger???

All in a Day said...

Thanks, Abbi, on both accounts. :)

I haven't heard of anyone who has had good squash etc. this year. I've had a small garden just about every year. They're a lot of work! Tomorrow I'm picking raspberries at Nancy's.