Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Day

I bummed around today. Tracy had a violin lesson so I trampled through the teacher's mother's garden looking at different things and even took some rhubarb roots. You should see her pea pods!!! :) I've been told I can pick carrots, beans, and raspberries to my heart's content. I even got to pick a few strawberries that had their faces showing. Yummy!!! Tonight I took Emily and Melissa to VBS where they learned the story of Daniel, and the verse and lesson were on self-control. We also made a quick stop at the library to return some books, got gas for the car, and dropped off a rhubarb root for a friend. I forgot to stop at the bank to drop off our electric bill, but I'll be in town tomorrow and Thursday. I think our calendar is clear for Friday at the moment other than Mike working.

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