Friday, December 21, 2007


I wanted to share these pictures of the baby before any haircuts,

after I trimmed her bangs,

during the one her 3 year-old sister gave her,

after I finished it off because she looked so funny,

and now that it's had a chance to grow a little bit.

I had always heard that kids gave each other kids haircuts or cut their own, but it took children numbers five and six for it to happen here. I guess I need to pay more attention to my children. I am so guilty of this so many times; I get off into my own little world of things I think I need to get done instead of paying attention to them. Live and learn...

This will be my last post until we come home from our Christmas vacation. Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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Betsy Cradic said...

I'm so glad you have a blog now! What a cute haircut. :) That's amazing you made it all the way to children 5 and 6 before any haircuts happened! I think Carrie (No. 3) was our first one. :)