Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Few Christmas Pictures

We have everything put away from Christmas except the tree and the lights on it. I try to get things put away right away because we have a birthday at the beginning of the year. Here's a new family picture of us, one of the three little girls in the aprons Tracy made for them, a picture of the baby and her gifts (most of them from my friend,) and one of my husband peeking around the corner I thought was cute.

I went shopping today and brought home six and a half gallons of milk, some juice, three dozen eggs, some sour cream for chip dip for New Year's Eve, and a splurge of some peanut butter/chocolate swirled chips on sale to make cookies. We have tacos on the menu for Saturday and I about died when I saw the price of tomatoes. They were over $3.00 per pound so I only got one instead of the two I normally get. Common sense told me to skip them altogether, but I didn't because my family really enjoys tomatoes.

The kids went out and made a tunnel through the snow pile my husband made shoveling the driveway. He couldn't get the snow blower started and normally doesn't like piles so surprised me when he made that!

I'm having trouble uploading my pictures so will try them again later or tomorrow.


Bob said...

Wow! We haven't even finished our Christmas and you're already picked up? Wow.

Abbi said...

$3 a pound for tomatoes is awful!! I haven't checked what it is here lately as we still have had some that we have been able to keep from the garden. They will be gone soon though so we will be back to buying tomatoes.

All in a Day said...

Hey, Bob, nice to see you here! Yep, Mike's had the tree up since shortly after Thanksgiving so it was time.

Abbi, I about choked when picking up a tomato. The tomatoes I tried saving from our garden molded before they even started to ripen so they must have frozen before I got them picked.

jessicalolene said...

Shelly, so glad I found your blog. It is now bookmarked with all the other blogs I check out every day. What a wonderful way to stay in touch. Also, I am glad that you, too have a camera "ham" (in the back of your family picture). It has been almost impossible lately to get a nice family picture. :)

All in a Day said...

Thanks for visiting, Jessica! Aaron just got through the "ham" stage--running down the list, I guess. :)