Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Decorations

These are two of our Nativity sets; the third is porcelain and didn't get up this year. One some friends gave us many years ago, and the other I made out of plastic canvas for my husband even more years ago. :) We just celebrated 15 years of marriage this week.

On the mantle we put all the candles and burn them as the month is happening. The sleigh is a gift that came this year; I'm not sure if it'll get a place of honor or if it will get filled and used as a gift for someone. We've hung our stockings "by the chimney" but not always with so much care. Often times they end up on the floor.

My friend sent up five boxes of gifts for the kids and us. They filled the tree and then some. Thank you, Kim! The kids always enjoy the gifts she sends. She shops year-round and gets the bargains. We don't have many stores up here to bargain hunt from.

The wall space is where I'm putting cards this year. Usually I pin them to the ceiling beam you can see in the picture. Each year, some later than others (and I think this past year is the only one I've missed,) I pull the cards down one-by-one around the end of February and send a postcard to let people know I'm thinking of them.

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Abbi said...

It is fun seeing pictures of your house!