Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This week at AWANA we had a much warmer night. In fact, the secretary was even hot! Next week I get to be the secretary as our regular one will be gone. My five-year old finished reviewing her handbook so got a workbook to work through. Though she seems excited, I don't think anything will compare to her excitement of actually getting to go to Sparks for the first time earlier this fall and then the excitement of finishing her book. I didn't bring the baby tonight, which was a first. It's the first meeting she has missed because she was even there when she was one day old! I sat up in the balcony and watched while my husband brought her all around so the kids could see her.

We bagged up some Christmas cookies and gave them out to a few friends while we were there. The girls stamped on brown paper sacks earlier today, we filled them with cookies, and then we stapled them closed. It worked very well and I'll probably do that again for next year. Usually we try and use small plates, but the Saran Wrap always sticks in funny places so cookies fall out.

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