Tuesday, July 14, 2009


First a couple facts from yesterday I forgot to include:
When we were at the pool, Laura jumped in the water to me, and I let her go under a bit. She came up sputtering, wiped her eyes, shook out her ears, and declared, "I jumped too high!"
After we came out and were rounding the corner in the car, I noticed the sun looked funny, and there was a rainbow ring around it.

Today is Jason's birthday (more on that with pictures hopefully tomorrow,) and my parents came up. They brought him a washing machine and a refrigerator. :) When they left, they took Emily and Melissa with them so it's been quiet here--Emily because she causes a lot of the problems and Melissa because she's the one that is so happy and joyful most of the time. Laura and I took a nap, and we went to the pool tonight after we hit the library. Now it's time for "Signing Time" and French toast for a very late supper.

Have a great evening.


Abbi said...

Happy birthday to Jason!
I was wondering about the appliances, I followed them out to the highway last night and Darrell was pulling them and your Mom was following in the car. I passed them but right after I did they turned around and looked like they were heading back to Steamboat road. It got my curiousity up but I think now that they must have been doing a little test drive to make sure everything was on all right.

tani said...

It's nice to have a few days of quiet, isn't it?

All in a Day said...

That is funny, Abbi! I would have been a little more than curious. :)

Tani, the quiet was nice for the first day; after that I missed them!