Friday, July 24, 2009

Jason's 11th Birthday

A couple of the Bionicles from Kim.

Usually the gifts from Kim are the highlights of my kids' birthdays, but this year I think this one from Grandma and Grandpa tied for 1st place.

I had to post this one because you can actually walk across the floor!

We had BLTB's for lunch.

He had a birthday cake in Brainerd when we were down so we made birthday s'mores.

(Just for the record...I DO provide my children with their own beds; they just choose to sleep elsewhere!) :)


The Krahns said...

Happy Birthday, Jason! Sorry about all those weeds, Shelly! Just remember, if the weeds grow great, the food could too!

All in a Day said...

Thank you from Jason.

Yes, things are growing better in the garden than I had imagined they would. All but the corn--but it's slow everywhere this year.