Monday, July 27, 2009


Aaron swapped batteries on the mower so now we have one of three that works. He and Mike have been out mowing this afternoon because Mike went and bought some gas.

I gave girls haircuts and layered Jason's a little bit.

We had leftovers of sorts for lunch; we were supposed to have pancakes for breakfast, but I slept until 10:00. Yipes! For supper I have a pizza planned.

I had a good birthday Saturday. I have a picture. I'll have to see how it turned out and post it.

Tomorrow Laura has a dentist appointment, and then Mike wants to go scouting for blueberries.


The Krahns said...

Happy belated birthday, Shelly! Hope you had a marvelous day - actually I hope all your days are marvelous :)

Anonymous said...

Here's another "Happy Belated Birthday, Shelly!" I'm glad you had a good day. Please let me know how you are doing. Candy

Emily said...

Hi Shelly!
Thanks for the blueberry tip.....also, Abbi & I wanted to let you know (sorry about the short notice) that we are going to do a kids campout this Wednesday night. Maybe you can come?

All in a Day said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Camille and Candy!

Emily, Abbi had written about the campout and it plus all the kids dates have been on the calendar, but I just don't think we can pull it off. I had wanted to, but we have groups of people coming both Wednesday and Thursday for blueberry picking and a -34.64 in our checkbook. :(