Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Last night the kids and I hit the pool, and because Mike is on nights, we'll probably go each evening this week. Melissa was looking for a toy, and I spotted it under the benches. The lifeguard helped her get it out and also pointed out a quarter for her to keep. Later Aaron was in the hot tub and found two quarters that he got to keep. I guess we should have stuck around longer to see if the doubling would have continued. :) Emily and I have found money at the bottom of the pool in the past also...

The baby has been moving a lot lately; it must be enjoying all the treats we had over the weekend.

We went to Bemidji Friday evening and got in on a game of volleyball with friends. Saturday Tracy went "touring" with some friends, and my mom cooked us a yummy chicken dinner with ice cream and toppings for dessert.

Saturday evening Mike's mom in Brainerd cooked us sloppy joes for supper, and Sunday after church there was a special service for the 10th anniversary of the church. They had a BBQ afterwards with a keg of rootbeer. Even though it had caffeine and I normally don't drink pop, I drank my fair share that afternoon/evening. :)

Today we worked on getting stuff put away, and Mike put on our new toilet seats and put up the new mailbox he bought. He bought a white one so the snowplow can't see to hit it. Both times we've bought a new mailbox, the plow has hit it with the first plowing. :(


The Krahns said...

We find money when we weed petunias in town! Along with other 'treasures' Silas likes to keep. Happy 10 years for your church!

All in a Day said...

Wow, you wouldn't think people would lose money in the flowers! :)