Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some of God's Provisions

1. A God who is in charge.
2. A cell phone that worked in "the middle of nowhere" long enough to call for help.
3. A network of friends able to help in a crunch.
4. A few people who stopped to see if we needed help.
5. A kind man who towed us to his house.
6. A loaner car by him, no questions asked.
7. Safety on the rest of the drive home.

On our way home from an excellent soccer game played by our team in Thief River Falls, we hit a deer just about a mile north of Strathcona. It took out the radiator so we couldn't drive it home but otherwise doesn't seem too badly damaged. This wasn't the way I wanted to start my Wednesday posting, but God obviously had other plans.


Minkydo said...

Thank goodness you are okay. Praying the car is fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

Will call in AM. Do you want the Taurus for now?

All in a Day said...

Our friends have an 8-passenger they said we can use. Thanks though!