Sunday, September 7, 2008

Aaron's Rifle

Yesterday Tracy and Aaron went to the Kids Outdoors Day. Kids Outdoors is a full-day event co-sponsored by Ruffed Grouse Society, Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, and Delta Waterfowl to promote the benefits of the outdoor experience to youth ages 8 & up. Each fun-filled seminar provided education and hands-on experience.

Some of the sessions were: Dog Training - Trapping – Shooting Sports – Black Powder – Archery – BB Gun Shoot – Bird Identification - Quality Deer Management

Thousands of dollars in door prizes were given away, more than 15 guns. A Polaris youth 4-wheeler and helmet was given; compliments of Polaris.

Lunch was included and was co-sponsored by Doug’s Supermarket & Ruffed Grouse Society.

Here's Aaron with his rifle he won. It's a 243 Savage with bolt action. It has a 22" barrel. Also included was a scope and strap, which wasn't in the asking price of $419.99.

(He wanted to make sure I added that he was pointing the gun in a safe direction.) :)


martha said...

How exciting.

Minkydo said...

I can't believe how big he has gotten. Looks mighty handsome with that rifle :)

Abbi said...

That is a pretty exciting thing to win!

All in a Day said...

Mike was excited too, and Aaron's grandparents sent up an early birthday present of some shells for him. This weekend is take a kid hunting weekend so Mike and Aaron are going to go out to Jackpine to see if they can scare up some grouse.