Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Day

Greetings to everyone this evening. It was a busy day. It started out with a 40-minute phone call about various aspects of soccer. That was good because it woke me without having to rush out of bed to get this and that done. However...

I got a wide variety of things done today:
1. spelling with all four school-aged children
2. the church's fiscal year statement
3. a list of things to do (hee hee hee)
4. dishes
5. laundry
6. shower
7. soccer practice (scrimmage tonight)
8. shopping
9. trailer returned
10. straightening

I think that will do for the posting of my accomplishments. Of course, I did do much more than that, but I won't bore you with it all.

Tomorrow I hope to do:
1. thank you cards
2. finishing letters I started 2 weeks ago and send them (Yipes!!!)
3. dishes and laundry
4. printing pictures for album
5. soccer practice
6. library stuff returned
7. home school paper to school (due Wednesday!!!)
8. make cookies
9. sew a pair of pajamas out of a bathrobe
10. practice Bible verses with kids

Emily, Melissa, and Laura were playing with the big box in the bedroom today, and Emily took these pictures. Well, she took 15 and these are my two favorites.

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