Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Here was a scene from my house earlier:
I walk into my bedroom and remember I was going to change my sheets today.
I turn around and head back to the laundry room where the sheets are stored.
On my way I see a few things out of place so I pick them up and put them away.
I head back to the laundry room and see the laundry basket on the floor.
That basket reminds me there's a load in the dryer waiting to come out.
Since the dryer is now empty I can change the washer's load and start a new load.
I bring the laundry to the kitchen to be sorted and put away.
I head back to my room to put my stuff on my bed.
Seeing my bed reminds me that I went back there to get sheets for my bed.
I laugh and Tracy hears me so I have to explain what was so funny.
I head back to the laundry room.
This time I remember to grab my sheets and head back to my room.
I get sidetracked again by helping Tracy with her math.
As I stand up, the sheets are at my feet so I FINALLY remember to make my bed!

I hope it makes you smile. I did get a good laugh at myself anyway. :)


Betsy Cradic said...

I'm laughing because that sounds exactly like me! :) Only it probably would have taken me four or five trips to the laundry room to finally get the bed made...

All in a Day said...

I'm SO glad to hear I'm not alone; I thought maybe it was too many kids getting to me. :) Ha ha ha

Beth~mom to 15 blessings said...

oh boy you just described me big time!! I think all moms go through this.
It sure is mucky here too!!

Abbi said...

I do that sort of thing all the time. It is so easy to get sidetracked, and then there is the problem of remembering what you went to a certian room to get.

All in a Day said...

That's true about the problem of remembering what I went to get; I do that a lot also. :)