Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It was strange taking just two girls tonight. Emily got three sections done in her new "Be _____" book. They run on themes such as be thankful, be kind, be helpful, etc. and add Bible verses. She's also hoping to be able to memorize Psalm 23 soon.

We did some cleaning today as the kids trashed the place out. I just had a lazy day and watched a few movies. The kids had some fun outside in the sticky snow, but we didn't get our snowmen built. Oh well; tomorrow we may have another chance.

We will be working on some school work tonight as we didn't do much today, and then tomorrow we'll have to pack for our trip to the Winter Retreat in Bemidji. I think if they keep pushing the date out, they'll have to change the name to "Spring Retreat." We'll get to meet up with Tracy again. Hooray!


Who? Oldest of six said...

Have you been missing me?

All in a Day said...

Of course we miss you!