Friday, March 21, 2008

Money is gone!

Mike brought me a paycheck, and I spent more than he brought home just by writing two checks. It's that wonderful time of year when taxes are due. I wish we'd be able to sell our property for as much as they say it's worth! I'd move to town in half a flash.

We didn't accomplish too much around here today, and next week we get that wonderfully fun job of doing standardized testing. YUCK!!!


Emily said...

Oh, I always liked getting those tests done....and filling in those little ovals..... :)

Anonymous said...

We left MPLS because our house taxes were too high. Now our taxes here are as high as then. Does that mean we move again?

All in a Day said...

Emily, Tracy likes doing those tests also; I think it's because she always does so well on them. I remember AGONIZING over them!

Anonymous, if you want to move again you could. At least you have more money to work with now than you did in the cities. Of course, things cost a lot more now also. Oh well, we spend what we make, and when it's gone, we quit spending. (I'm sure that's not quite the right attitude, but it works.) :)