Sunday, March 2, 2008

Recycled Candles

Today for science (schooling Sunday--What kind of mom am I?) we recycled some candles. For Christmas I had received a big apple-scented candle in the big jar and an orange-scented candle in the medium jar. For some reason the wax wasn't used all the way so we made two new candles as you can see. A votive-cup was perfect for the leftover orange, and then I just used the orange's cup for the red. I'll just recycle the biggest jar as I have no use for it. *GASP!* I did actually go out and buy candle wick so the project wasn't free, as such, but now I have wick if we ever do this again.


Abbi said...

Sounds fun. We had lots of fun with candles last fall.

All in a Day said...

Your posting is what inspired me to do it. Before reading your post, I would have just thrown them away.

JoyAnn said...

We went sledding at Old Mill State Park.
Your candles look like great memories were made!