Monday, December 29, 2008


Does anyone have any information to give me on how to get children to respect a person? I don't believe that it's that I don't respect others and they're following my example but maybe so??? I'm mostly talking of 13- and 10-year old boys in this present hour of distress.


Anonymous said...

Bible Study

If you continue this.... then that......

Until you show this person the respect deserved then you will not go places.

Daddy laying down the law.

Extra chores when such happens.

I'd start with Bible studies as to why God requires this:
-Honor they father and mother
-love one another
-submit yourself
-do to others as you want them to treat you
-show yourself approved to God
-there are lots more/use teachable moments
-even govererning authorities we do not agree with(unless against God)
-with some children(I have one in mind I raised) it was parents being on the same page so the children do not divide and conquer
-sorry, but I deal with this too much subbibng in school

The Krahns said...

All three of our boys went through a "stage" somewhere around there where they just didn't seem to "respect" me like I wanted them to. They obeyed okay but somehow the attitude wasn't there. At this point I think these boys are starting to want to be "young men" instead of boys and I think this is the age where ideally a dad should take over their school and handle them. I think if you look at history a lot of ten to 14 year old boys had to already work like men and not sit in the house with the women and sisters. I wish it was that easy!! Just keep working on it, pray for them, and get your hubby to deal with them as much as possible. So easy to say but harder to do :)

homeschoolmom said...

i don't know whether it'd help with your older boys, but we've put to good use Dr. Todd Cartmell's book "Raising Respectful Kids." he's got some great ideas of how respect and privileges go hand in hand and how to parent accordingly.

martha said...

It's funny that you asked that- I was thinking about this very thing last night. I don't have any experience with older kids but I think it is so important for us to insist on it with our infants and toddlers if they are going to when they are older.
But key to all bad behavior is that it must get a consequence or it will continue.
Blessings and Prayers!

All in a Day said...

Thanks, Everyone, for the comments. I think we may pull through this yet...