Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday's Lunch

My side of the family is celebrating Christmas this weekend. We are spending a night in a motel in Duluth, MN and then are heading to my mom's house for two more nights. I do not think she knows what she is getting herself in to!!! Anyway, we are having a mini "Subway" buffet for lunch Friday on our way home from the motel. I cannot imagine that anyone will be hungry though, after the big buffet breakfast put on by the motel and yummy ham and potatoes and green beans Thursday night, not to mention all the appetizers my sister is making. :)

Anyway, your choice of onion or Kaiser bun topped with your choices of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, pickles, mayo, onion,

Swiss cheese, American cheese, turkey, ham, Canadian bacon, or pepperoni will be what you get.

We have a relish tray and were going to make a fruit salad of sorts, but I could not find any fresh strawberries at the stores (no roast beef at either store either.) I did buy bananas and grapes...

So far I have packaged everything into throw-away containers. It may not be "green" to think of actually throwing them away, but in this case, convenience counts. :)

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